Congratulations on your new jewelry and becoming part of Black & Gold Fashions family. We’ve revamped the collections making it easy to select jewelry styles best suited to your personal needs.


WHO you are says a lot about your style personality. We put together some of the most inspiring women like yourself on a fashion quest to discover endless possibilities wearing Black & Gold Fashions jewelry. Our handcrafted /assembled jewelry have a sentimental value that evokes confidence in a woman. Shop the collection and discover endless possibilities with your selected jewelry.


WHAT takes less time in the morning to select and adds a cohesive look to your wardrobe? A fashion accessories especially jewelry provides expressions into ones personal styling. For everyday wear at play, work or entertaining Black & Gold Fashions will help you make a fashion statement.

Your styling conveys a non-verbal cue into a personality and will begin to inspire others. Black & Gold Fashions built by design theme collections are especially crafted for easy selection. Discover a primary or secondary theme collection that will help to add the finishing touch to your fashion identity.


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WHY Black & Gold Fashions delivers the most out of your selected jewelry? We provide adjustable, lightweight modern jewelry for each woman’s personal styling.

  • We Review Your Options

  • We Plan Around Your Desires

  • We Question The Unknown


HOW does Black & Gold Fashions bring ALL designs in one place to celebrate with friends and family?

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WHERE do we start? We’re so excited about the new postings! Make sure to subscribe for more interesting details about your selected jewelry collection story, upcoming events, sales promotions and consultation party near you. Our favorite friends and family have shared some of their thoughts. Here. 

Black & Gold Fashions customers are unique individuals with significant aspirations. Our jewelry reflects various eccentric personalities, the archetypal approach primarily your personality to uncover new jewelry styles.

Thank you for making Black & Gold Fashions your jewelry choice!

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