Black & Gold Fashions- Jewelry

Her fashion journey begins with a subtle hint of confidence in a room making everyone favor her style personality. She has an incredible shine that will set her apart from the crowd. Watch as she transcend the ideal interpretation of confidence.

♕(Abstract- Retro- Vintage- Graphical- Colorful)

Fashion Archetype: The Everyman, The Lover, The Jester

Black & Gold Fashions- Jewelry

Her fashion story is filled with the classic design that radiates even when the most seamless desires are visible. A free-spirited dreamer, day or nightfall could very well leave us wondering after her exquisite taste in fashion.

♕(Minimalist- Victorian- Sophisticated- Mod)

Fashion Archetype: The Innocent, The Explorer, The Sage

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Black & Gold Fashions- Jewelry

An energetic, fun loving woman that transcends the ideal interpretation of confidence. She’s equivalent to a trailblazer that coincides with delightful fearlessness. The adventurous quest motivates her styling desires.

♕(Geometric- Avant Garde- Tribal- Safari)

Fashion Archetype: The Magician, The Hero, The Rebel


Black & Gold Fashions- Jewelry

She is a refine beauty from within breaking all the rules with multi-denominational color schemes. She demands attention built right into her persona. Her center of attention personality displays confidence inspiring today’s modern woman.

♕(Deluxe- Street- Fierce- Jet Setter)

Fashion Archetype: The Caregiver, The Creator, The Ruler

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