JANUARY– (WINTER SEASON) Market Events: The Javits Center, The Accessories Show, MODA/ FAME and Networking.

  • Black & Gold Fashions is making new plans to the calendar, keeping our customer’s thoughts in-mind for the warm weather ahead.
    Black & Gold Fashions will implement a new customer experience which requires a quicker response time.

  • A new template is coming soon for Black & Gold Fashions website. 

Black & Gold Fashions implement each selling season with a theme story. The goal is to showcase new jewelry while maintaining confidence in our products and beloved customers who are the female archetypes.

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FEBRUARY– (SUPER BOWL SUNDAY) A bowl filled with assorted cuff bracelets by Black & Gold Fashions. On Twitter @bgfashions is our way of showing how much we keep tabs on the game final touch down. Watch out for new giveaways!

  • (VALENTINE’S DAY) A special time at Black & Gold Fashions presents a promotion code: (CODE BGF15OFF). See (Website) FOR ONE DAY SALE EVENT. Ends in 24 hrs. (Feb.15) 

  • (PRESIDENT’S DAY) Black & Gold Fashions honor another pre-view into the new collections. Advertising campaigns showcase Black & Gold Fashions distinctive designs of modern statement jewelry. 

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MARCH– (ST. PATRICK’S DAY) Get all the updated storytelling tweets from Black & Gold Fashions, Twitter @bgfashions . *Remember to (LIKE US )

  • (EASTER) The start of spring! Additional design concepts are available in each jewelry themes collection.

APRIL– (APRIL FOOLS’ DAY) A time for fun and playful engagements with Black & Gold Fashions customers. See our recent collaboration with Advertiser/Sponsor (Fashion Haunts Magazine)

  • Postings on our Twitter page are light- hearted statements. We also offer special deals to the first 10 followers at any given time though-out the day. Find the latest theme styles just for you! 

  • Black & Gold Fashions has become your source for a new generation of buyers who seek simplicity, modern and socially conscious company. 

Seasonal discounts will continue, so look forward to email alerts. 

MAY– (MOTHER’S DAY) Showcasing our ♥ for Mother’s on this special day. PROMO CODE has expired.

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  • (MEMORIAL DAY) Get social with Black & Gold Fashions interactive social platforms. We’re inviting friends and family together to celebrate the official kick-off of summer on Pinterest @blackandgoldfashions. 

  • Events: Greater Ocean County Chamber of Chamber (GOTO.ORG) BUSINESS & CONSUMER EXPO. 

  • Small Business Expo./ Conventional Center NYC (Powerteam International) 

*Free jewelry will be mailed out to our patrons starting MAY. Join our mailing list for upcoming Friday/ Saturday highlights to individuals. Sign Up Now!

JUNE– (FATHER’S DAY) Although you may not find jewelry at Black & Gold Fashions for Dad’s, it presents a great opportunity to give thanks for father’s being in our life.

Black & Gold Fashions is working with buyers with similar customer base. New styles are added to each theme collections. Private appointments can be scheduled (use contact page) 

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JULY– (INDEPENDENCE DAY) Red, white, and blue are symbolic colors to our customers. During the patriotic holiday, the first three supports to tell us why this day is special to them, gets (the 4th of July customize cuff bracelet by Black & Gold Fashions sent to them.)  All you have to do is submit your comments to Twitter @bgfashions #bgfpatriotic

AUGUST– (BACK TO SCHOOL) A new school year presents new ways to wearing your Black & Gold Fashions jewelry.

Black & Gold Fashions is selling all jewelry theme concepts accordingly to empower women wearing jewelry. @archetypeswelove

SEPTEMBER– (LABOR DAY) This is the end of summer and Black & Gold Fashions is making room for new products for the season.

  • Live entertainments! For more calendar events>> Click Link
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Each collection by Black & Gold Fashions is now available with a selection of leather mix products and new price points. Also, new colors, materials and sizes.

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OCTOBER– (HALLOWEEN) Getting ready for this spirited holiday!

  • Black & Gold Fashions is always looking for fashion leaders to collaborate, share knowledge and best practices. 

Black & Gold Fashions implement each selling season with a theme story. The goal is to showcase new jewelry while maintaining confidence in our products and beloved customers who are the female archetypes. 


(CYBER MONDAY) Black & Gold Fashions is a participant of cyber shopping. Our online stores provides minute by minute flash sales. Black & Gold Fashions is also mobile-friendly.

DECEMBER– (CHRISTMAS) Celebrating the holiday spirit with Black & Gold Fashions!

Customers can look for jewelry assorted categories. Events: SBDA New Jersey Workshop at Brookdale College, Lincroft New Jersey

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